Veezu is a unique business model established in late 2013 by two well-known Welsh-based entrepreneurs who had a clear strategy to lead the UK taxi market through an expected period of change and consolidation.

Since its early establishment, with laws dating back to 1831, the UK Taxi and Private Hire industry is recognised as one of the most regulated of its kind in the world. It’s a sector strategically critical to the UK’s transport network where today it services in excess of 600m journeys per annum. The UK industry is said to be worth an estimated £9bn per annum, which mirrors that of other transport networks such as buses and rail.

Veezu has invested heavily in new technology to raise the bar for all consumer types and create a ‘best-in-class’ offering for all B2C and B2B customers.

Substantial investment in a strengthened management team, mobile application and dispatch technologies will see Veezu become one of the leading private hire operators in the UK.




Providing private hire services and executive travel to B2C and B2B consumers throughout the UK.

We’re targeting the acquisition of strong regional businesses across the UK to establish six strong regions by December 2016. We are very keen to talk to smaller private hire businesses with a view to joining forces.

Substantial investment in new cloud-based dispatch technology, improved B2B and B2C offerings, in addition to mobile and driver applications, will see us achieve continued growth both organically and through acquisition.

For more info, contact info@veezu.co.uk


Enhanced earnings for self-employed drivers via a suite of competitive training, products & services.

To become a self-employed Veezu driver, you will need to be authorised by the relevant local authority to become suitably licensed, and possess a vehicle which will require the necessary plating to become authorised for use as a private hire vehicle.

Veezu make sure that all drivers go through an induction program prior to joining, to ensure we only work with the very best drivers available.

If you are interested in becoming a Veezu driver, contact us on info@veezu.co.uk


Providing a door-to-door VIP consumer experience through stylish & comfortable executive transport.

We are currently in the process of launching Veezu VIP, the purpose of which is to offer UK companies the opportunity of opening a business account. This will include express service, a dedicated pool of smart and fully trained drivers and a fleet of modern vehicles.

You can open a business account, or an individual account if you prefer an enhanced level of service. Both accounts are invoiced monthly in arrears.

For information on how to open an account, please contact us on info@veezu.co.uk


Providing claims management and credit hire services to private hire drivers throughout the UK.

Veezu drivers automatically receive the full support of our Accident Aftercare Management service provided by Veezu Assist.

In the event one of our valued drivers is involved in an accident, Veezu assist will take ownership of managing the claim at point of incident through to settlement. We provide a Temporary Replacement Vehicle to ensure our drivers can continue working and earning.

For more info, contact info@veezuassist.co.uk


Providing  private hire vehicle rental at competitive weekly prices throughout the UK.

Veezu Hire is a one-stop shop for taxi rentals, and is available to both sub-contracted Veezu and non-Veezu drivers throughout the UK.

Due to the size of our expanding UK fleet, we have used our buying power to negotiate new registered vehicles at affordable weekly rentals, with a number of well known vehicle brands. All rentals include vehicle servicing, tyres and insurance.

For more info, contact Richard on rdavies@veezu.co.uk


Providing a suite of competitive insurance products for private hire drivers throughout the UK.

Veezu is currently an authorised introducer appointed representative for Jelf Group plc, who specialise in personal and commercial insurance.

Working in partnership with Jelf allows us to access and provide a diverse range of competitively priced insurance products for the private hire market.

For more information, please contact us on info@veezu.co.uk


Overwhelming turn out for Bristol Drivers day

Our latest acquisition, V Cars, have held their first ever Driver’s Day in Bristol!

On April 10th and 11th our V Cars team held a fantastic 2 day event in Bristol to kick-start the launch of the V Cars rebrand whilst also undertaking the mammoth task of updating all driver documents.

Over the 2 days, the team saw nearly 250 drivers and hosted 7 presentation groups.

Managing Director of Wales and the South West of England, Ryan Owen, presented drivers with a renewed direction for V Cars, new initiatives and support available, and introduced some of the fantastic Veezu services available to them, including Veezu Hire and Veezu Assist. Veezu Group Marketing Manager, Carris Wakefield, showcased the evolving V Cars brand and introduced a fresh marketing strategy for the coming year.

Whilst this happened inside, outside the team worked tirelessly to re-grade all vehicles and apply new V Cars livery, which can now be seen driving around throughout the city of Bristol.

Overall the event was a massive success enhancing the relationships between Veezu, V Cars management and drivers.




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Veezu taxi group’s drive to stop child cruelty

Veezu has pledged to donate 1p to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) for every booking made using its app over the next two years, as part of its new ‘big drive to stop child cruelty’ campaign.

The company is rolling out the initiative across its four UK firms – Dragon Taxis in South Wales, Amber Cars in Leeds, A2B Radio Cars in Birmingham and Solihull and V Cars in the South West of England – in the hope of raising £50,000 for the charity.

“The private hire and taxi industry provides a vital community service to individuals and families across the country,” said Joel Hope-Bell, Veezu’s chief executive officer. “As a significant national player in the industry, this feels like a very natural partnership for Veezu and one that we are proud to pledge our support to.

“In a personal capacity, I have been a supporter of the NSPCC for many years and I know just how valuable partnerships with businesses are for the charity, so I am delighted that we can partner with and help benefit such an important and inspiring cause.”

The NSPCC is the leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK. As well as delivering a number of local services that support children and their families it also runs Childline, which offers confidential support and advice to children and young people. The charity’s schools service also provides information and guidance for primary school pupils on how to speak out and stay safe from abuse.

Peter Wanless, chief executive officer at NSPCC, said: “We are delighted that Veezu has chosen to support the NSPCC in its fight for every childhood.
“The money raised from app bookings will support crucial services like Childline, which undertook nearly 300,000 counselling sessions with children and young people last year.
“It will also help us to continue delivering our innovative schools service, which helps young children speak out and stay safe from abuse, both in the real world and online.”

In 2016, more than 10,000 Veezu passengers used its “three-tap” mobile app to book journeys every week, and with more and more people turning to electronic booking methods to order a taxi, Mr Hope-Bell hopes the ‘big drive’ initiative could actually raise more than the pledged £75,000 over the three-year contract.

“The introduction of the app has had a really positive impact in all of the regions that we operate,” he added. “Investing in the business’s technology infrastructure has always been priority for Veezu, so it seemed only right for us to include the app as part of our efforts to build support for the NSPCC.”

The NSPCC helpline responded to almost 55,000 contacts from adults concerned about the welfare of a child in 2015/16. That same year, Childline, which is contacted by a child every 25 seconds, carried out 300,000 in-depth counselling sessions for children. It costs £4 for a trained volunteer counsellor to answer a child’s call for help.

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Veezu establishes fourth UK taxi hub

Private hire and taxi group, Veezu, has acquired a business in the South West of England, establishing its fourth taxi hub in the UK.

Veezu has acquired V Cars, which has operations in Bristol, Bath, Chippenham and Swindon, from founder Dave Scaramanga who remains in the business in a senior management role.

The Wales-based taxi group has three existing taxi hubs throughout the UK operating under their local brand names – Dragon Taxis in south Wales, A2B in Solihull and Birmingham and Amber Cars in Leeds. The establishment of the fourth taxi hub not only gives Veezu a presence in the South West of England for the first time, but also increases the number of drivers it provides dispatch services to across the group by 40%, up to approximately 3,500.

Joel Hope-Bell, chief executive officer at Veezu, said: “A core element of our growth strategy is to increase the number of regional taxi hubs in the Veezu group and the acquisition of V Cars sees us continuing to deliver on this. The South West is of strategic importance to Veezu as it further bolsters our presence along the M4 corridor and enables us to operate in additional major cities and towns, which offer substantial growth potential.”

V Cars also operates as Abbey Taxis in Bath and Streamline in Bristol. It has been in business for more than 25 years and handles approximately 50,000 journeys every week.

Mr Hope-Bell added: “V Cars, Abbey Taxis and Streamline are all well-established businesses in their own right. We are delighted that they are now part of the Veezu group and we are looking forward to working closely with Dave to continue to develop and grow the businesses and deliver a ‘best-in-class’ service to all passengers and customers.”

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Veezu appoints new chief executive officer

Veezu, one of the UK’s leading private hire and taxi groups, has appointed former chairman, Joel Hope-Bell, as its new chief executive officer.

The 43-year-old, who has been the chairman and a shareholder of Veezu since the business was founded in 2013, brings almost 20 years of senior management experience to the role, having advised international clients whilst working at leading City finance firms, including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, UBS and Morgan Stanley, on mergers and acquisitions and capital markets transactions, as well as debt financing and restructuring.

Most recently, Mr Hope-Bell was chief financial officer for Smart Solutions, where he will now return to his previous role there of chairman.

Mr Hope-Bell succeeds Veezu co-founder Paul Ragan who, following his decision to step down, will remain a substantial shareholder in Veezu and will be staying on Veezu’s Board as a non-executive director.

Mr Hope-Bell will execute on Veezu’s ambitious organic and acquisition led strategy following four years of sustained growth.

“I’ve worked with Veezu from the beginning and am proud to have always taken an active role in this exciting company’s growth and development,” said Mr Hope-Bell, who grew up near Llandovery, Carmarthenshire and currently lives in Hampshire with his wife and four children.

“I’m well-versed in the ambitions of the company and have witnessed first-hand the hard work Paul has put in during the past four years to grow the business to the enviable position it is now in.”

Veezu was formed in 2013 by entrepreneurs Mr Ragan and Mr Nathan Bowles and now operates across three regional hubs in south Wales, Leeds and the Midlands, transporting around 22 million passengers each year.

The company owns Dragon Taxis in south Wales, which operates in Bridgend, Cardiff and Newport, as well as Leeds-based Amber Cars and A2B Radio Cars in Solihull and Birmingham.

Aware of changes in the UK taxi market, Veezu has invested more than £1 million in developing a state-of-the-art “three-tap” mobile app that customers can use to book taxis, store their favourite pick-up locations and create individual accounts that can be paid by cash or card.

A regular in Wales’ FastGrowth 50 league tables, Veezu was named the Fastest Growing Firm in Consumer Services in 2016, as well as the third fastest growing company in Wales. Between 2014 and 2015 it increased its turnover from £1 million to £19 million.

“To be charged with leading such an innovative and ambitious company through the next phase of its development is an honour and challenge I’m very much looking forward to,” said Mr Hope-Bell, who graduated from the University of Leeds with a first-class degree in environmental science and is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

“This isn’t just about offering people around the UK a first-class taxi service, but also about providing a high-quality, reliable transport solution for the communities we operate in – for consumers young and old, for businesses big and small as well as for Local Authorities and public services such as schools and the NHS.”

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Taxi texts to help reduce burglaries in Cardiff and Bridgend as rugby season kicks off

As the nation embraces the Autumn Internationals, a new initiative has been launched to help reduce burglaries in Cardiff and Bridgend.

South Wales Police have teamed up with South Wales’s largest taxi company, Dragon Taxis, to reduce burglaries across the two areas.

Now, when a customer’s taxi driver pulls up outside to pick them up, they receive a text message or app notification reminding them to secure doors and windows before they leave their home.

As the nation embraces the Autumn Internationals, a new initiative has been launched to help reduce burglaries in Cardiff and Bridgend.

South Wales Police have teamed up with South Wales’s largest taxi company, Dragon Taxis, to reduce burglaries across the two areas.

Now, when a customer’s taxi driver pulls up outside to pick them up, they receive a text message or app notification reminding them to secure doors and windows before they leave their home.

The initiative – believed to be a first of its kind – has been launched in time for the Autumn Wales rugby internationals, so it is hoped that the timely reminder will reach thousands of customers who are set to use taxis as they head out to enjoy the event.

The new initiative aims to reduce the number of burglaries in Cardiff and Bridgend by simply reducing the number of properties left unsecure, with windows left open or doors unlocked.

Figures show that as many as half of all homes burgled are unattended and have been left unsecure. Burglars, who are often opportunists, will be more tempted by a house that they believe is unsecure as it is an easier target.

South Wales Police Student Liaison officer, Michael Neate, said: “Working with Dragon Taxis can give us access to many hundreds of people throughout Cardiff and the surrounding areas in a single night. If this initiative manages to stop just one burglary, then it would be worth it. Being the victim of a burglary is a traumatic experience which can have a devastating impact on peoples’ lives.”

Customers who book with Dragon Taxis in Cardiff and Bridgend will now receive an automated text message or app notification just as their cab pulls up outside their pick up point, saying: “Wait… Don’t make life easy for burglars. Have you locked up? SWPOLICE’.

Pc Michael Neate, added: “It is an important message delivered at a perfect time, when the customer is invariably rushing to leave the house without thinking about windows and doors – we know it’s often the last thing on somebody’s mind.”

This is the latest safety initiative that the company has undertaken in partnership with South Wales Police. In 2011, Dragon Taxis launched the University Safe Taxi Scheme in which students can book a taxi on account if they have, for example, lost their money or wallet, and drivers claim the fare from the Student Union at a later date.

Ryan Owen, managing director of Dragon Taxis, said: “We transport roughly 100,000 customers in Cardiff and 20,000 customers in Bridgend every week. Whether they have booked through the app or via their mobile, we will be able to send them this important safety message, so you can immediately see the potential benefits of the scheme in terms of the reach it can have.

“We have always been known as the safe taxi company, and are constantly seeking out technology and developments to ensure our customers are safeguarded. This latest initiative with South Wales Police around home security is a natural extension of the University Safe Taxi Scheme.

“If this pilot scheme is successful, we hope we can work with other police forces across the UK to roll it out to the other areas in which we operate.”

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Veezu Scoops Fastest Growing Business in Consumer Services

Private hire operator, Veezu, has been named as the Fastest Growing Firm in Consumer Services as well as the third fastest growing company in Wales.

The stellar growth of the company, founded in 2013 by entrepreneur, Paul Ragan, was recognised in the annual Fast Growth 50 Awards, which are compiled by Professor Dylan Jones Evans OBE, in conjunction with the Western Mail.

Veezu achieved an astounding growth of 905.2% between 2013-2015, which helped to shoot it towards the top of the corporate growth charts in Wales, and bagging the number one spot for the fastest growing consumer business.

The firm, which operates three regional hubs in South Wales, Leeds and the Midlands, has grown through an ambitious process of acquisition and consolidation. Over the course of three years, turnover has grown from £1m to £20 million; staff numbers have leapt from 25 to 235 and vehicle numbers have shot up from 250 to 2,500. Veezu now moves around 22 million passengers per year.

Upon receiving the award, Paul Ragan said: “This is fantastic recognition of the hard work the team has put in over the past three years to propel Veezu into being one of the largest private hire firms in the UK.

“We have grown from small beginnings to become a major force in the private hire industry, and are now better positioned to lead consolidation throughout the UK.

“But we don’t intend to stop here. As long as we continue to perform and maintain the confidence of our funders, I see no reason why we shouldn’t achieve our objective of 5,000 cars by 2018.”

This is the second time that Veezu has graced the Fast Growth 50 charts. It entered for the first time last year, when it was placed at number 37, meaning that it has climbed 34 spaces to its current number three position.

The Fast Growth 50 was established in 1999 by Professor Dylan Jones Evans and is billed as the award that entrepreneurial businesses in Wales aspire to. The 2016 list of fastest growing companies in Wales collectively generated a turnover of nearly £700 million and employed more than 3,000 people.

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