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If cash is King, card is Queen

Recent figures from the British Retail Consortium revealed that debit cards have officially overtaken as the most frequently used payment method across the UK, accounting for over £216 billion of retail sales last year. In comparison, cash accounted for just over £77 billion.

Clearly the way we shop and pay for services is changing and it’s more than likely that, due to their ease and convenience, cashless payments will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

But, despite innovations, it is important to remember the significant role that cash still plays in the lives of many, as well as the consumers ever-increasing desire for choice. For example, YouGov found in a recent survey that 40% of consumers stated that they would feel more comfortable buying from a merchant who offers a broad range of payment methods. Whilst others confirmed that they would abandon the checkout process if the payment method that they preferred wasn’t available.

As the UK’s #1 hyperlocal journey provider, enhancing the customer experience is key to us at Veezu. We want to make it easy for you, which is why we give our passengers the option to pay by either cash or card when making a journey through any of our regional hubs; Dragon Taxis in South Wales, V Cars in the South West, A2B in the West Midlands and Amber Cars in Leeds.

At Veezu, #amazingjourneys start with great customer experience.


Here’s what some of our passengers said:

Peter B. (booking with Dragon Taxis)

Dragon Taxis are my go-to taxi company because they offer cash or card, have an excellent website, are extremely punctual and their drivers are polite and courteous. Booking with them is so easy and they always follow up a booking with a satisfaction form.

Matt A. (booking with Amber Cars)

Used Amber (Amber Cars) a number of times via the app and it is really efficient. On-time with knowledgeable drivers. Paying via the app is great as you don’t have to think about having cash. Great service.

Domingo F. (booking with V Cars, Swindon)

Both Drivers were very polite as there was a lovely conversation in the car and no I awkwardness with silence. Very careful drivers and clean and beautiful cars. Would recommend. Phoning is easy and card payments accepted at booking.

Sabrina Chughtai (booking with A2B Radio Cars)

Use over uber.. better prices, nicer drivers and they don’t cancel on you last minute!! They have the app too so if you never have cash, you’re okay.