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Veezu Leads The Way with £1.75m Hybrid Cars Investment

Veezu, the UK’s fastest-growing taxi and private hire technology platform, has made a £1.75m investment in a brand-new fleet of hybrid cars as part of a broader strategy to reduce its carbon footprint.

The firm, which operates five regional brands across England and Wales, has added 60 Toyota Corolla Touring self-charging hybrid electric vehicles to its fleet. Plus, a further 30 low-emission cars are expected to be added to the fleet later this year.

The first batch of cars will hit the road this month, coinciding with Clean Air Day, the UK’s most extensive air pollution campaign, on June 16. The low-emission vehicles will be deployed evenly between three of Veezu’s brands – A2B Radio Cars in Birmingham and Solihull, Dragon Taxis in south Wales, and V Cars in the southwest.

There are currently two Clean Air Zones throughout these operating areas: Bath and Birmingham, with Bristol also added to the list later this year. Introduced to improve air quality in these areas, Veezu’s new fleet of hybrid cars will all meet the minimum emission standards set. As the new vehicles arrive, older cars in Veezu’s fleet will be taken out of service.

Gavin Morris, Lead Director of Veezu’s Drive division, said: “This is an essential investment for us as a company but one we feel very passionately about. Throughout the areas we are deploying the new fleet to, there are a number of Clean Air Zones, and we are proud to be doing our bit to help these locations meet their air quality targets.

“We are always looking at improving our carbon footprint as part of our wider environmental social governance strategy. This significant £1.75m investment will contribute towards that. Low emission vehicles play an important part in the private hire industry, and we’re proud to be at leading the way.”