About Veezu

Veezu is the UK's fastest growing taxi and private hire technology platform operating across hundreds of UK towns and cities. We are the tech driven on-demand mobility service that supports our hyper-local communities, helping them thrive.

Veezu was founded in 2013 and has grown rapidly throughout the UK. In 2023, we helped passengers in our hyper-local communities complete an average of one ride every 1.5 seconds.

Our mission

Focusing on local transportation needs, we use our expertise and experience in delivering millions of rides to support local communities and help keep towns and cities moving safely and efficiently.

Driving communities forward

Access to transportation is a vital to the thriving local community. Veezu connect thousands of driver-partners to millions of passengers across hundreds of UK towns and cities. To meet the needs of residents and business you can book a ride by phone, app or online. For convenience you can pay by cash, card or business account. Smarter local rides start with Veezu.

Veezu values

  • Your Safety matters

    Local people and our communities mean a lot to Veezu. The safety of passenger and their driver-partners is our number one priority.

  • Hyper-local

    Our unique role at the heart of hyper-local communities means we understand what matters most to passengers and driver-partners.

  • Do the right thing

    We believe in fairness and doing the right thing with a humantouch. We stand up for what's right.

  • Sustainable Growth

    Our growth must be sustainable in the towns and cities we serve, which is why we have invested more than £3.25 million in low emission cars within the last three years.

Why Veezu?

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Funded by Veezu

Veezu helps to fund hundreds of local projects across the country and aims to make a positive difference - because where our communities thrive, Veezu driver-partners thrive, and our business thrives too.

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Acquired companies

Veezu continue to grow throughout the UK through organic growth and acquiring regional operated private hire taxi businesses.


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