Help for Veezu rides

Get answers to frequently asked questions about rides with Veezu.


Please leave your feedback using the form on our feedback page.

You can send feedback directly to your local Licencing Department for incidents related to your driver.

Please use our lost property form. You may also wish to review our Misplaced and Lost Property Policy.

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of funds on your bank account or card. This is used to ensure that the payment method is valid, and that there are sufficient funds available to pay for your ride. The pre-authorisation is not a charge, but a temporary hold, meaning that the funds held will be released after a short period of time. Please note, the hold of funds is with your bank or card provider, not Veezu

We pre-authorise your payment to ensure that customers have a valid payment method and sufficient funds available when requesting a ride. This helps us to ensure we can pay the Driver-partner for the service they provide. This is common practice on all ride-hailing apps.

The amount pre-authorised depends on the details of your ride and your payment method. The pre-authorisation amount is based upon your estimated fare, waiting time and any other extra charges applicable to your journey. You will only be charged for the actual fare shown on the meter at the end of your journey.

When you book your ride, we give you an estimated fare. Your actual fare is charged once you have completed your ride. The actual fare may differ from the estimated fare due to wait time and or extras which we try to accommodate within the pre-authorisation. Please check your card or bank statement again in the coming days to see the final amount charged. If you have any queries about your payments, please use our passenger feedback form.

This can happen if your if your final fare is greater than the initial authorisation amount. For example, due to wait time or if your ride is on a meter and you were stuck in traffic. If a second authorisation hold for the final full amount is unsuccessful, your bill may be split into two receipts. If you have any queries about your payments, please use our passenger feedback form.

Should the requested ride be cancelled this pre-authorisation hold is released. If the length of time the pre-authorisation is held for varies depending on your card issuer. Some banks are instant and others can take up to five working days or more to release the funds back to you. If you are concerned about the pre- authorisation hold, we recommend you contact your card issuer who can give you a more accurate timescale of when you can expect the funds to be released.

All banks, card schemes and retailers have been preparing for these extra security checks as part of the payment services regulation deadline on 14th March 2022. All customer-initiated transactions must be performed in a secure way using 3D Secure (3DS) or biometric authentication such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Passenger Terms and Conditions can be found on our legal page.

When you book a ride with Veezu in Cardiff, Bristol or Bath you will be told over the phone or shown on the app an upfront price for your journey. This is the total cost to get to your destination. There will be no estimated fare, just a clear and transparent price to get to where you need to go.