Green light for data

Data analysis can reveal fascinating things about the way people travel.

Veezu uses this data to improve services, ensuring vehicles are available when people need them and that the app is super simple for riders to book a journey.

Veezu uses new ways to improve the lives of passengers through data, adding convenient new features to make travel-related worries a thing of the past.

Throughout the company, Veezu creates a modern, unified culture of success and compliance.

Meet the team

Strategic direction and leadership
Business planning

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Nathan Bowles

Chief Executive Officer

Strategic direction and operations
Business innovations

Andy Pennock

Chief Industry Advisor

Strategy Development
& Implementation
Key Projects & Business Transformation
Dragon Taxis Managing Director

Ryan Owen

Strategy & Implementation Director

Financial management
Budgeting & Reporting
Banking & Funding

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Tim Sale

Chief Financial Officer

Legal & Compliance
Learning  & Development
Human Resources & Payroll

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Nia Cooper

Chief Legal & People Officer

Product Development & Integration
Business Systems (Internal & External)
IT Infrastructure & Support
Data Strategy

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Dean Turner

Chief Technical Officer

Financial management
Budgeting & Reporting
Company secretarial

Taxi Company

Rhodri Evans

Finance Director

All aboard with acquisitions

To grow a network of hyperlocal partner drivers, Veezu acquires regionally operated private hire vehicle businesses and implements centralised processes, culture and technology to improve efficiency, passenger experience and profits.

Looking to sell your taxi firm or invest in a rapidly expanding business?

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