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Britannia Taxis switches to the new Veezu app

2 June 2024

Britannia Taxis has announced the launch of its new smarter app, from Veezu. Booking a ride with Britannia Taxis is easier and more convenient than ever before.

Britannia Taxis has announced the launch of its new smarter app, from Veezu. With enhanced features and seamless functionality, the new Veezu app makes booking a ride with Britannia Taxis easier and more convenient than ever before.

The new app boasts a range of exciting features designed to streamline the booking process and enhance the overall passenger experience.

The Veezu app is one of very few mobile apps that allows its users to pay for their ride by cash, alongside card, Apple Pay, GooglePay and AirPay. Another standout feature is live location sharing, allowing loved ones to track a ride door to door, for added peace of mind and safety.

For those who like to plan ahead, the Veezu app enables users to pre-book rides months in advance, a feature widely used by passengers seeking an airport transfer and a smooth, stress-free journey.

Business travellers will also benefit from the new app, as they can now book their corporate travel through Veezu and have it billed directly to their employer. This convenient feature simplifies expense reporting and eliminates the need for reimbursement hassles.

Russell Wilkinson, Regional Operations Director at Britannia Taxis, said: “Britannia Taxis is bringing the new Veezu app to our communities to deliver an even better mobile experience; nothing else is changing. Prices remain unchanged and the cars are driven by the same trusted drivers who partner with Britannia Taxis. Rest assured passengers can still reach out to the familiar and friendly staff directly by phone using the regular Britannia Taxis contact numbers: Knowsley 0151 708 7080, St Helens 01744 777 777 and Wigan 01942 24 24 24.

Britannia Taxis joined forces with the UK's largest and fastest-growing private hire technology platform Veezu in June 2023. Last year, Veezu helped more than 3 million passengers complete a ride every 1.5 seconds through a network of 16,000 self-employed driver-partners.

Residents, visitors and businesses of Liverpool, St Helens and Wigan are encouraged to book their next ride with Britannia Taxis by simply downloading the Veezu app from your preferred app store.

Britannia Taxis – your trusted ride, now just a tap away with the new Veezu app. Available for download here.

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