Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated: 19 July 2021

Our mission has always been to keep our towns and cities moving safely and efficiently. We are implementing additional safeguarding measures to protect you, other passengers and your driver.

Anyone showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 is urged to stay at home and not take any journeys. Follow the latest UK Government advice or Welsh Government advice for travel and staying safe outside your home.



We are committed to doing our bit to guard against the spread of COVID-19 and hope that all passengers will do the same.

ENGLAND: Passengers must observe social contact rules and follow the travel guidance for passengers from the UK Government.

WALES: You must observe  local travel restrictions and social contact rules when using taxis and private hire vehicles in Wales.

More info can be found on the websites of our regional brands.

Driver Partners

We are fully committed to providing guidance to Driver Partners to help reduce the risks of spreading the virus. We are in regular contact with Driver Partners informing them of the latest guidance issued by health officials to help protect themselves and passengers.

We have made face coverings available to all Driver Partners as well as trialling innovative in-vehicle protective screens to maximise social distancing and further separate Driver Partners and passengers.

We have identified specialist regional vehicle cleaning stations, which all Driver Partners will be able to access. Driver Partners are also encouraged to open windows where appropriate, to ensure vehicles remain well ventilated.

To minimise the handling of cash, contactless payment options are available on all bookings made via our regional mobile apps, and through our new SMS payment solution, AirPay.

Local Authorities & licensing

Our Compliance Team is in regular contact with the multiple local authorities we engage with to ensure that Driver Partners and passengers are properly looked after. Any guidance issued to us as a private-hire operator will be complied with.

Corporate account customers

We liaise directly with all corporate account customers, including our NHS and Local Authority customers to ensure we mitigate risks for all parties. More detailed contingency planning is available upon request.

Protecting our communities

If we are notified of a Driver Partner or passenger testing positive for COVID-19, they will be temporarily prevented from taking or making a journey until they are medically cleared.

Important guidance when visiting us

About You

Please do not visit a Veezu site if you have:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Stay at home. Do not travel. Check the latest NHS guidance.

If you experience any of these symptoms after attending a Veezu site, please email us with your contact details so that we can manage communications with public health authorities, fellow attendees, and our employees.

We will keep the information as confidential as we can, mindful of our public health and data protection obligations. Click to email

Safety First

Before you visit, you will be asked to adhere to our Social Distancing Guidelines;

  1. Avoid public transport where possible when attending a Veezu site; walk, cycle, drive a car or try to avoid rush-hour crowding on public transport.
  2. Face coverings and gloves worn on public transport must be secured within a sealed plastic bag before entering a Veezu site.
  3. Food and drink will not be offered as part of your visit.
  4. You should aim to stay 1 metre apart from others where possible.
  5. Unavoidable in-person meetings will be short, in a large meeting room where people can sit at least one metre apart; avoid physical greetings such as shaking hands/ nudging elbows
  6. You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival and before leaving site.
  7. Do not visit a Veezu site if you, or someone in your household, has symptoms of coronavirus.

Cleaning and hygiene

Veezu continue to take steps to ensure all our sites are safe places to work and we encourage everybody to prioritise their personal health and hygiene by washing hands thoroughly and regularly and using the hand sanitiser gel which is provided around our buildings.

We are continuing to disinfect/clean regularly throughout the day particularly in our high volume touch points such as door handles & stair rails. Hand sanitiser gel will be available in our meeting rooms and elsewhere on site.