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Veezu partner drivers make amazing journeys happen every day.

With local knowledge, experience and care for their passengers, they’re the pros who take people places.

If you’re a licensed private hire vehicle driver wanting to choose when you drive, while benefiting from day-to-day support and invaluable tech, like our app-based booking platform, operating as a Veezu partner driver could be the best business choice for you.

Choose your own schedule

Partnering with Veezu as a partner driver is a journey you’ll enjoy. Whether you’re balancing other commitments (e.g. family, career, another business) or focused solely on being a partner driver, Veezu gives you the flexibility to choose when you drive and how many bookings you do.

We can also use passenger data to inform you of the best spots in your area to pick up jobs, helping you reach your earning potential.

Technology that delivers

Our technology puts you and your passengers first, getting every journey off to an amazing start.

As a partner driver, you’ll benefit from the technology that powers Veezu.

It’s a way to bring your private hire vehicle business into the digital age, without losing the personal and local service that people still value.

Green light

You can rent a vehicle that makes journeys more comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly. We’ve already invested over £3 million in low-emission vehicles, complying with clean air zones while doing our bit for the planet. You will also benefit from Veezu assist, our dedicated breakdown service.

To enquire about renting a vehicle email:

Better data for drivers

The partner drivers we operate with at Veezu benefit from valuable data that can maximise your earning potential.

By providing you with information such as the best times and places for consistent work, partner drivers are better able to navigate their time and increase their earning potential.

It’s a win-win: our partner drivers make more money, while our passengers benefit from a consistent and reliable service when and where they need it.

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