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Veezu Fund Room Transformation at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Through Fundraiser with Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

21 August 2023

In June 2022, Veezu (formerly named City Taxis) and Sheffield Hospitals Charity come together to throw the 'City Taxis Thank You NHS Ball' in support of local NHS staff. The glamourous ball celebrated the hard-working staff across the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and raised an unbelievable £140,0001.30 for the charity.

19 months later, the funds have made a significant difference to the lives of hospital staff by transforming vital spaces within the hospital, including the renovation of a staff kitchen and calm room.

The proceeds from the evening were directed towards the specific 'We've Got You' initiative run by Sheffield Hospitals Charity. The 'We've Got You' initiative helps staff within the hospital with mental health support and provides calm rooms and spaces where healthcare professionals can recharge and relax amidst their demanding schedules.

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of all attendees and supporters of the ball, a substantial amount of money was raised for Sheffield Hospital Charity. The financial support enabled a staff calm room and kitchen to undertake a complete renovation.

The transformation of both rooms involved more than just a fresh coat of paint. The funds raised facilitated the installation of comfortable furniture, soothing décor, and essential amenities for staff. Both rooms now serve as a sanctuary where hospital staff can take brief respites, recharge, and find solace during their demanding shifts.

Through the collective efforts of Veezu support, and Sheffield Hospitals Charity, a simple yet significant gesture has made a difference in the lives of those who tirelessly serve their community through the NHS.

Find out more about Sheffield Hospitals Charity and all of their initiatives here - https://www.sheffieldhospitalscharity.org.uk/

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